Gun Laws in the States

As gun laws are scrutinized in the United States, many people are talking about gun owners and their property. Gun regulation is a hot topic right now, and it’s one centered around gun owners on the opposing side. These gun owners are portrayed as dangerous, unwilling to accept reform, and even vicious. 

These stereotypes leave many gun owners, like myself, struggling in real life. While we do understand the laws surrounding these weapons, and while we do follow them, many of us struggle with difficulties in our own lives because of what we own. 

That’s why I’m focused on dispelling the myths about gun owners now. We can be stable, happy people who play it safe and, yes, even support reform to these laws. I want to show people that we’re not all dangerous, and that this stigma does affect us. 

The Charge that Changed My Life

I never thought much about my gun until I was accused of attempted murder. 

As a traveling salesperson, it was a simple precaution that made me feel a little safer. I traveled alone, so places like rest stops and lonely roads got a little frightening at night. However, I still carried all the right permits, took my safety courses, and made sure that the weapon I was carrying was safe for me, too. 

Then, I was pulled over and arrested. Apparently, there was a warrant for a person fitting my description, and once I told the officer that I had a gun in my car, things got a little ugly for me. I was taken from my car, questioned, and placed in a cell for some time. 

It wasn’t long, of course, before they ruled me out as I only barely fit the description from the victim. Still, I left that police department shaken. Could I have been in real danger in that moment? 

I’m Not Alone

As concerns for gun violence rise, many of us gun hobbyists have gotten a bad reputation, and it’s starting to affect our lives. Many of us have suffered from accusations that we’re dangerous or that we’re obsessed with our guns. However, that couldn’t be farther from the truth—we’re a varied group with an interest in a weapon that people have used for centuries. 

Unfortunately, that also leaves many of us with stories like mine: false accusations, difficult encounters with the police, and plenty of misconceptions about violence. That’s where this blog comes in. 

I want to create a space where we can talk about the stigma around guns. Those of us who do take all the right steps still suffer and struggle anyway, making life difficult. That’s why this blog is dedicated to sharing these personal accounts of those who suffered because they’re a gun owner. 

Breaking the Stigma Around Guns

The truth is, most of us who do carry guns would never harm another person. They’re a hobby, they’re self-protection, they’re historical—but they’re not always weapons to us. We understand the dangers, sure, but we also understand how to protect ourselves and our loved ones. 

That’s why this blog is dedicated to stopping the misconception that we’re all violent and dangerous. As a gun owner with all the right permits and safety measures, I shouldn’t have gone through the traumatic experience I did suffer through, and neither should many, many others. 

While the impact of gun violence is important, too, it’s also important to protect the falsely accused and the stigmatized. If you’re interested in the impact of false accusations and mistreatment from gun owners around the country, read on to learn more about our stories.